Tuesday, April 17, 2007

8 days!!!

classes for the europe tour are underway and are going great so far. so much research to do in so little time. i am taking religious symbolism in art, travel study in the arts, and christian history. i am loving them all so far.

as a group, we also have a journal writing class. there are specific chapters to our travel journal that i think will be so beneficial. we are given different writing exercises that will help us more capture our impressions on what we see and so forth. the first thing we do is write down our impressions. taking one specific idea from that section, we brainstorm about that idea. after brainstorming, you compose and really get into the details. after some time has gone by, then you reread what you've written and reflect on it. i think with these different steps, this journal will be more meaningful down the road. the chapters include: wish list, impressions, self-discovery, cultural sensitivity, spiritual sensitivity, personalized chapter, afterthoughts, and course specific tasks.
after learning of the different museums we get to visit and researching different paintings and sculptures, i just want to be there right now! 8 days!!! the different museums we are visiting as a group are: the british museum, british national gallery, vatican museum, ancient rome, uffizi, kunsthistoriches, rijks museum, and the lourve. so fun! in the british library, there are manuscripts of handel's messiah. can you believe it? i couldn't either! there's also da vinci's sketchbook among a miriad of other things.
just thought i would give you an update of the happenings of europe class thus far. i will probably be making 1 or 2 more posts before i leave, and then i'll be off for%