Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I am sorry if you have already read Nic and I's blog, because this is pretty much a repeat what I already said with a few added pics and details...Saturday night was the adult session of Stake Conference - Kelda (cowgirl below) and I sang a duet that went really well. Everybody seemed to really enjoy and it added a great spirit for the meeting. I was so nervous - not because I had to sing in frong of the majority of the adults in my stake, but because of one person: Nic. haha I get so nervous to sing in front of him...Conference was fabulous - I learned a lot of things that I need to work on to help me better prepare myself for marriage.
Nic and I then headed to a Halloween party at the house of a girl in my singles branch, Susy. Turned out to be a really fun party - dancing, dessert, and great company.

Kelda takin' a swig from the punch bowl

Sssh don't tell...I'm not telling what I did or didn't do...

The Gresham Police (as Tabatha says) or Gotham Police catching the Joker - aha!

Just being me and Kelda

Smokin' hot police officers

I picked up this construction worker on my way to the party - I needed a hott date and I got one :)

IPC survey

Everyone, I need your help right now. I have designed a survey for my interpersonal communications class and I am asking you to take it. If you could e-mail me your responses (allison.stewart@oit.edu) I am sure most of you don't like surveys, but this is for a class so if you could help me out, that would be fabulous. :) All of the questions (10) have to do with my interpersonal communication, so answer regarding my communication and not yours personally. Here goes:

1. Do I have a low or high self-esteem?

2. How could I improve my self-esteem?

3. Am I more prone to share personal information (self-disclosure) face to face or through other means (i.e. internet, phone, blog, etc.)?

4. Do I have low or high apprehension?

5. Have I ever perceived a situation (that involved you) wrongly? Provide an example please...

6. Do I judge people before I know their circumstances?

7. Am I able to get over not liking a certain characteristic about someone? If not, how does this affect my interpersonal communication with this person?

8. Have I ever set myself up for something and then it turned out differently then I thought? Provide an example please...

9. In your opinion, what do you think my personal ethics are for my interpersonal communication?

10. What are some suggestions you have for me to be more mindful when I'm angry?

Remember: provide honest answers - I won't be offended by anything you say. I am curious to know how my communication is perceived by others. If you could please answer these questions and e-mail them to me, that would be wonderful. Thank you!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Check it out...

Leelou Blogs

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Boo (and no I am not trying to scare you)

I really have nothing to report as of late (that's what the "Boo" is for)...I have been adjusting well to life as an Owl. Classes are going well - I guess only one really challenging class: Psychology Research Methods. Dr. Kessler is a challenging teacher and so is the material. That's a good thing though right? At least that's what I'm telling myself...
For some reason I have been saying "boo" quite a bit. I don't really know where I picked it up from - getting in the Halloween spirit? I don't really like Halloween, so prob not. Who knows? For some weird reason, that's the new thing I have been saying...boo...
Here is a fun update though that I don't think I have mentioned...I am the secretary in the Relief Society presidency in my singles branch. I'm really excited about the calling, because I have never worked up close and personal with the RS. I have a leadership training meeting this Saturday and a Presidency meeting on Friday. Woo hoo! Also something that I am way stoked for is that I am starting temple prep this Sunday! Yay! I am so excited!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

I'm with Nikki...

We all know that I have a serious problem with buying bags - I am the BAG QUEEN. So here is the perfect thing to register for (it's free) if you have a bag fettish like me...


24 handbags in 24 hours


Way cute handbags...I want them all!