Tuesday, July 29, 2008

lesson learned

While in Sunriver, I had a battle with my bike. Here's how the story goes: my parents, Jefferson (brother-in-law), Dani, Nic and I went on a bike ride. As we were rounding the corner to head down the street where our house was, I decided to race Dani (she was in front) and beat everyone home. Right before I hit home ground, I put up my hands and yelled "WINNER!" and ate it hard to the right of our driveway. I ended up twisted and stuck under my bike. I landed in some yummy dirt and brush. Did I win? Of course not! Lesson learned: endure to the end and never celebrate your victory until you are safe on home ground. Let me also just say that these pictures do not give justice to the damage that was done - my mom and other can attest to this.

The bruise that ended up in this area is a lot bigger and is still here! Sunriver was 2 weeks ago.
This hurts a lot worse than it looks - there was dirt embedded in it - bruised the bone - swollen ankle.

I also have multiple other bruises but I won't share any pictures of them - just know that they are present.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sun of the River

This is quite a long post with quite a few pictures, so I apologize in ahead of time. This past week brought the Stewart trip to Sunriver - we always head there in July every year - my dad has meetings down there so we make a family vacation out of it. This year, everyone was able to attend...except Ben (he stayed home studying for the bar). Nic was able to experience Sunriver with my family for the first time - we still love him to pieces and hopefully he still wants to be a part of this family. Here are some of the events:

There were never such devoted sisters...at the concert on the green
All of the sisters/sisters-in-law at the Munch-N-Music at Drake Park
Munch - n - music at Drake Park in Bend
Rafting down the river with a "couple" of sisters
In the raft with my amazing fiance - love him please
The raft that followed us down the river. Ok they were family.
On our way to the village to get some ice cream - yummy...to the ice cream of course ;)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

America the Beautiful

Happy birthday dear America! Just to give you all an update on this past 4 of July weekend...Dani and Jefferson and their wonderful kids came to town and also my sweet fiance came to town as well. Nic sacrificed his holiday to spend time with me and my family. I told him I would have gone to Medford to spend it with his family, but he insisted. I'm not complaining.
The weekend was spent swimming, tanning, hot tubbing, registering, more swimming and hot tubbing, family, fireworks, food, sunburns, and lots of fun. The plan was for all of the family to go to the lovely KTown fireworks, but only Nic and I ended up going. It wasn't much of a firework show, because oh yeah - it was behind the trees! It made it a little hard to watch them, but we still had fun. :) There were still fireworks. hehe Messing! All in all it was a great 4 me Julio (just for you mom) and amazing weekend. :)
Let me just say this though - registering was so much fun. I knew it would be fun, but seriously - it made everything all the more a reality.

Our own firework show? Never! We really did watch the show. :)
Ok seriously? What a dang good lookin' fiance that I have. :)

Monday, July 7, 2008

take a peek

Nic and I have created a wedding blog. The address is: www.thephairestlove.blogspot.com (I hope you all like the play on words - Nic came up with the name) There is a link on the left titled "wedding blog" that will also take you to the website. This is where Nic and I will keep you updated on wedding plans and the happenings of our engaged life. I hope you all check it out...