Friday, December 5, 2008

The good ol' days

A huge, ginormous thanks goes out to Gayle and Kellianne for throwing me a bridal shower. Kellianned and I had a blast down at Next of Kiln painting 2 travel mugs and a bowl/platter dish. They turned out really well. Kellianne and I have know each other for years upon years; we haven't seen each other since we graduated from high school 3 1/2 years ago! It was so great to catch up with her. It brought back memories of the good ol' days of painting random, bizarre things for our families - mostly they just turned out not so cute.

Here she is working on the bowl/platter. It turned out amazing. Love the colors and the writing.

After Nic pulled into town, he even came down and helped out as well. He has a natural talent for painting.

The artists - so cute! I can't wait to use them!

Huge THANK YOU Gayle and Kellianne!!!
The finished products - His/Her mugs and a bowl/platter that has the chorus from the song Nic sang to me when he proposed.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The awaited video...

Monday, November 24, 2008

O Say Can You See and a surprise package...

What an event filled weekend I recap.....Tabatha and I got ready on Friday night to head to the OIT boy's basketball game. Go team! We won! Might I say that we looked especially fine.

Full body shot of 2 fine looking owls


And a close-up

Saturday was spent cleaning and just trying to pick up my room and bathroom. Confession: I did laundry, cleaned bathroom and room, and vacuumed all in my wedding shoes. haha I was trying to break them in. My mom and I were planning on heading out around 2:30 to run some errands...or so I thought. I changed plans and decided to head to Tab's house to help make t-shirts for the other boy's bball game that night. Around 2:30, I told my rents that I was going to leave. They were like "No, Alli. Give us 15 minutes to talk about some Christmas things and then we need to talk to you as well." Why? I asked myself. Just let me go. They get done talking and then my dad asks me to go help him with some Christmas ideas for Nic. I help him and I'm thinking just let me leave, honestly. haha Boy am I glad that I didn't leave. I heard a familiar noise of crutches clicking towards the door to the computer room and lo and behold, Nic is standing there. Yay! He decided to surprise me to hear me sing the national anthem (yeah that's right) and at branch conference. He also surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. What a sweetheart!
We headed to dinner and then to the game. Sadly, he left around 5:45. (Sorry Nic for making you late to rehearsal!) What a wonderful surprise package I got.
The National Anthem...I was asked to sing it by Bert King. I have always wanted to sing it at a basketball game, but never had the courage to ask anyone if I could. It's even on my bucket list. It went really well and I got lots of compliments on it. Saturday night's game was packed! It was a huge game for OIT to play - a division 1 team that were the 2008 national champs for that division. OIT were the 2008 national champs for division 2. I was a little skeptical, but we won by 13 points! It was an intense game to watch and so muc fun! HOOT!!! PS I will post the video of me singing in the next post because A it's taking forever and B I have to go to class.

The beautiful bouquet my loving fiance gave me

We bust ours...

To KICK yours (names and jersey numbers of the team)

Me and my man - isn't he amazing!?

Bridal of the Shower

In behalf of the future Mrs. Phair...

The photographers

Cherise, Michelle, and Rita (a few of the Phair women)

Grandma Phair

The amazing woman who put on the bridal shower (aka my mom) - who is that handsome man in the background? Oh yeah! That's my fiance!

Me opening a few presents from the video "game"

Sorry I haven't posted about the amazing bridal shower my mom put on for me on November 1 (I know I'm a little late in posting, so sorry). I had so much fun. I still can't believe that the bridal shower was in behalf of me. It was a brunch and there were people from church, few friends, and some of Nic's family there as well. We ate some delicious food, opened presents and a video my mom put together (without me knowing). My mom would ask Nic a question and then would video tape his response. During the bridal shower, my mom would ask me that same question and then I would have to give the response that Nic would have said. For every one that I got right, I got a prize. :) She also mentioned that I if I didn't get any right, we couldn't get married...good thing I got them right. ;) A few of his answers were debatable, but for the most part, I got them right. It was a fun filled day. Thank you for all of your hard work that you put into making this an amazing bridal shower. Love you, please.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

it doesn't stop until the early morn...

I am sitting in the library surviving...barely. I feel like a semi-truck has hit me. By the time I went to bed, it was somewhere between 2:20 and 2:30. I could have gone longer, but I decided that I really should probably get SOME rest. I think I would have been better off not sleeping, to be honest with you. I think sleeping for 4 hours made me more tired. Oh and well. I got quite a few things done though, so I shouldn't be complaining. I don't think this will be the last time I do something like this - it will happen again in the near future...
On a more exciting note, I'm playing Bunco tomorrow night. I am on a list as a permanent sub. I got involved all thanks to Molly. There are a group of ladies that get together once a month and have a Bunco night. I went once a few months ago and had a blast. I guess this is becoming quite popular (a mormon thing? I don't know). The last time I went, I told them to put me as a permanent sub. The Bunco night rotates each month as to whose house it's at - pay $10 for food and the prizes that are handed out at the end of the night. My question for you: do you Bunco?

Don't look down...

On the right side of my blog, I have deleted the list that I had about what I was thankful for. I tried to add to it whenever I posted about something, but I have decided to shake things up a bit. I have a new list titled "don't look down." You all probably think I'm crazy for naming a list that, because after all it is now 1:40 in the AM. Don't worry, I'm not that crazy. The title revolves around the institute lesson I just had earlier tonight.
We were studying in the New Testament about some parables Jesus Christ taught and some of the events that occurred during His ministry. The one that stuck out to me tonight is in Matthew 14:24-33. Christ is walking on the water towards the ship that had Peter and some of the other disciples in it. They all got scared, but Christ assured them that it was just Him. Peter steps out of the boat and starts walking on the water towards Christ. Side note: what amazing faith Peter had at that very instant in the presence of Christ to be able to get out of the boat and start walking on water without hesitation. Go Peter! Unfortunately, as soon as the wind started blowing and he began to worry about the elements, he looked down and started to sink. Immediately though, Christ stretched forth His hand to help Peter.
What I got out of this story is that we should never look down - always keep our focus on Christ even if the waves are tossing about us and the elements of life are trying to sink us into despair. My list...instead of having this huge long list of what I'm grateful for, I'm going to try and remember (remember is the key word) to update this list and add 5 things that helped me keep my focus on Christ and lifted my spirit for that day - some may be spiritual, others may not. Remember: don't look down - always keep your focus on Jesus Christ.

good morning???

Well it's currently 1:14 AM and I'm still awake. No it's not because I'm an insomniac like my mother, but I decided to stay up later to work on the BIG, FAT HW (aka HomeWork). I've actually gotten quite a few assignments done and studied for a few tests. Fabulous? Not really. I hate feeling like I have gotten so much accomplished and yet nothing all at the same time - welcome to school. I'll admit though that I'm reaching the point where I would love to crash right now, but unfortunately I know there is more studying that awaits me...for now, farewell.

Monday, November 10, 2008

No words

I can't even begin to describe to you how HAPPY I am right now...I was driving home and this overwhelming feeling of JOY and HAPPINESS came over me. I just want to SMILE and SCREAM because I am so HAPPY. Don't ask me what has happened between now and just a few days ago, but I can't even tell you how HAPPY I am. I have HOPE. I have JOY in my spirit. I am all SMILES. I feel ELATED. Words can not even begin to describe how LIFTED my spirit feels...

Sunday, November 9, 2008


I have a confession to make...Don't worry, I didn't do anything wrong.....For some reason, I have been down in the dumps all this past week...I haven't even been able to label my own emotions or what was causing this emotional downfall. I have been going over and over about what I have been up to this past week to try and figure out what the heck was wrong with me - the only conclusion I came to was that it all had to do with school, stressing over the wedding, and Nic's knee surgery. I guess you could say that I tagged myself as overly stressed and I was running on low. Why? I don't know...

Today I went to Nic's sister, Michelle's sacrament meeting - it was the primary program and we wanted to support our nieces and nephews (my future ones). I was reading an article in the General Conference edition of the Ensign. (I decided a couple of days ago to just read it from beginning to end.) I came across a talk given by President Dieter F. Uchtdorf from the Saturday morning session. His talk was titled "The Infinite Power of Hope." I began reading and knew right from the beginning that this talk was meant for me to read. Have you ever experienced that? You read something and thought this was written for you to read right at that very moment - that's what happened with this talk.

As I read, President Uchtdorf pin pointed every emotion I was feeling and exactly what I was lacking in my life: hope. I just want to share some things that really helped me - so everything I say will be his direct words...Hope has the power to fill our lives with happiness. Its absence - when this desire of our heart is delayed - can make "the heart sick."...The adversary uses despair to bind hearts and minds in suffocating darkness. Despair drains from us all that is vibrant and joyful and leaves behind the empty remnants of what life was meant to be...Hope sustains us through despair. Hope teaches that there is reason to rejoice even when all seems dark around us..."Fear not, little flock." God will wait with "open arms to receive" those who give away their sins and continue in faith, hope, and charity. And to all who suffer - to all who feel discouraged, worried, or lonely - I say with love and deep concern for you, never give in. Never surrender. Never allow despair to overcome your spirit.

Amazing words from an apostle of the Lord. There were so many wonderful things in this talk that I could share with you, but instead I suggest you to read the talk for yourself ( I know what he is talking about - feeling despair and letting it overcome your spirit, feeling lonely, discouraged, worried - I have felt it all this past week. Apparently I have a lack of hope - hope in knowing that I haven't wasted time on my knees and pouring my heart and soul to God - hope in knowing that the Lord is mindful of my needs - hope in knowing that there is a better tomorrow - hope in knowing that I can be upheld and know His goodness.

I bet you are all wondering at this time what I have done to start to regenerate this hope in my was a simple thing that began this "regeneration" of hope...before I left Nic today, we were sitting on his bed (immobile because of his knee surgery) and all he did was hold me - his tender voice and his gentle touch were healing to my soul and let me know that the Lord is mindful of me - He has blessed me with hope from Nic's simple act of love towards me. That's what hope is to me: simple acts of love around us that restore our hope. Hope is all around us.

PS I am sorry this is so long, but I felt impressed to share this experience with you all...Thank you President Uchtdorf for your inspiring words that have blessed my life with hope.

Who am I...

You are observant, diplomatic and often aim to please. You are unaware of your attractiveness and despite being uncomfortable with any form of attention, people enjoy your company. You can be impatient, stubborn and headstrong, but you are true to your word and mature for your age, often taking care of your family and enjoying a good book over chatting with girlfriends on the phone.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I am sorry if you have already read Nic and I's blog, because this is pretty much a repeat what I already said with a few added pics and details...Saturday night was the adult session of Stake Conference - Kelda (cowgirl below) and I sang a duet that went really well. Everybody seemed to really enjoy and it added a great spirit for the meeting. I was so nervous - not because I had to sing in frong of the majority of the adults in my stake, but because of one person: Nic. haha I get so nervous to sing in front of him...Conference was fabulous - I learned a lot of things that I need to work on to help me better prepare myself for marriage.
Nic and I then headed to a Halloween party at the house of a girl in my singles branch, Susy. Turned out to be a really fun party - dancing, dessert, and great company.

Kelda takin' a swig from the punch bowl

Sssh don't tell...I'm not telling what I did or didn't do...

The Gresham Police (as Tabatha says) or Gotham Police catching the Joker - aha!

Just being me and Kelda

Smokin' hot police officers

I picked up this construction worker on my way to the party - I needed a hott date and I got one :)

IPC survey

Everyone, I need your help right now. I have designed a survey for my interpersonal communications class and I am asking you to take it. If you could e-mail me your responses ( I am sure most of you don't like surveys, but this is for a class so if you could help me out, that would be fabulous. :) All of the questions (10) have to do with my interpersonal communication, so answer regarding my communication and not yours personally. Here goes:

1. Do I have a low or high self-esteem?

2. How could I improve my self-esteem?

3. Am I more prone to share personal information (self-disclosure) face to face or through other means (i.e. internet, phone, blog, etc.)?

4. Do I have low or high apprehension?

5. Have I ever perceived a situation (that involved you) wrongly? Provide an example please...

6. Do I judge people before I know their circumstances?

7. Am I able to get over not liking a certain characteristic about someone? If not, how does this affect my interpersonal communication with this person?

8. Have I ever set myself up for something and then it turned out differently then I thought? Provide an example please...

9. In your opinion, what do you think my personal ethics are for my interpersonal communication?

10. What are some suggestions you have for me to be more mindful when I'm angry?

Remember: provide honest answers - I won't be offended by anything you say. I am curious to know how my communication is perceived by others. If you could please answer these questions and e-mail them to me, that would be wonderful. Thank you!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Check it out...

Leelou Blogs

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Boo (and no I am not trying to scare you)

I really have nothing to report as of late (that's what the "Boo" is for)...I have been adjusting well to life as an Owl. Classes are going well - I guess only one really challenging class: Psychology Research Methods. Dr. Kessler is a challenging teacher and so is the material. That's a good thing though right? At least that's what I'm telling myself...
For some reason I have been saying "boo" quite a bit. I don't really know where I picked it up from - getting in the Halloween spirit? I don't really like Halloween, so prob not. Who knows? For some weird reason, that's the new thing I have been
Here is a fun update though that I don't think I have mentioned...I am the secretary in the Relief Society presidency in my singles branch. I'm really excited about the calling, because I have never worked up close and personal with the RS. I have a leadership training meeting this Saturday and a Presidency meeting on Friday. Woo hoo! Also something that I am way stoked for is that I am starting temple prep this Sunday! Yay! I am so excited!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

I'm with Nikki...

We all know that I have a serious problem with buying bags - I am the BAG QUEEN. So here is the perfect thing to register for (it's free) if you have a bag fettish like me...

24 handbags in 24 hours


Way cute handbags...I want them all!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


It's official - I'm an OIT Hustlin' Owl. That's right. I had my first day of school yesterday and it's not what you'd wish for for a first day of school. Before I get into that though...the classes I'm taking are all Psychology classes except one. I'm taking: Abnormal Psychology, Intro to Pscyhology (the second one), Basic Counseling Techniques, Interpersonal Communications, and Psychological Research Methods. It's a total of 17 credits, so not too bad. All of my classes are on MWF with two 3 hour labs on Tuesday. Not too bad of a schedule either. I really enjoyed all of my classes yesterday, but I didn't make it to my Behavioral Modifications class. I met up with my dad for lunch, and decided that wasn't such a great idea. I got sick and decided to head home. During my first two classes, I felt fine. During my third and fourth though, my stomach started to rumble and grumble...then it made itself manifest when I met my dad for lunch. I won't give any more details then that...
Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. I'd like to make it to all of my classes tomorrow without any problems...keep your fingers crossed...

Sunday, September 21, 2008

To Natalie...

This post is dedicated to Natalie.....Your most recent post was about Aggie men and their beards. I agree with you. First off, I think there are few men that look good with a beard, so I give you an example of someone whom I think looks extremely HOTT with some scruff. (I also find it SEXY). I know I am a little biased because afterall this is my future hubby, but I just want to let you know that there are good lookin' men out there that have the scruff - they may be at USU or maybe they live in a nearby town. The End.

Monday, September 15, 2008

S.P.I.T. and singing...

Sorry I haven't updated in awhile...nothing too exciting has happened on my end here in KTown. My dad has been in out and out of town and my mom has been out of town for a couple of weeks now. I guess I could also say that I'm in and out of town as well...Meddy. Since my mom has been gone, I have had the opportunity to take on the name of: S.P.I.T. This stands for: SPouse In Training. I have been taking care of the household chores, trying to be good to my dad, and what not. Good practice so I can take care of my husband come the end of December. :)
I have decided to get involved with a few upcoming events in KTown. Last year around November, the Ross Ragland Theater put on Carmina Burana. Hard music with dancing. A local dance teacher (my old teacher) choreographed all of the dances to go along with the singing. My mom played the piano and is playing again (2 pianos are involved). She told me about it and told me I should get involved...why not?! Last Monday was our first rehearsal and I was the youngest person there. haha I didn't feel too lost at the rehearsal. Most people singing it sang it last year: 26 movements or so and 4 different languages. I'm just grateful for being involved in the AC choir in high school: sight reading and language. The music always switches times; major or minor keys; amazing!
The other music thing I'm getting involved in is the Klamath Chorale (also the youngest person involved). They are singing 11 different pieces of music the night of the Carmina Burana show. They sing before. Two fun events that I might as well get involved in. I don't want my talent of singing to go to waste. I'm here this Fall, so...why not?!
That's about it from my end...sorry it's nothing too exciting...I tell Nic that he has a boring fiance. haha

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


To the left is a building known as the Higher Education Center. This building is Medford's campus for Southern Oregon University and Rogue Community College. SOU offers a few different business degrees, a degree in Psychology and a degree in Human Services. This is the school that I will be going to (I haven't officially applied) starting in January, getting a degree in Human Services. It's very closely related to Social Work, so that's a plus. There's an open house today that Nic and I are going to attend, so I will let you know how it goes. I'm not going back to BYU-Idaho for the Fall - it turns out that none of the social work classes that I would have taken would transfer over and be of any worth. So no school for me in the Fall, which is sad, but good as well - this way I will be close to the action in planning my wedding instead of being in Idaho planning. Plus, I'm close to Nic. No 11 hours away from him! :) School starting in January when I'll be married sounds fabulous to me. Hopefully it will take me no longer than 2 years - maybe even 1 1/2 years. Who knows! That's the status of my schooling situation as of late...

Monday, August 25, 2008



Meet our 15 week old female boxer. My parents decided to buy this lovely little lady a little over a week ago. Chaska is Indian for Star Goddess - she has a white star on her back. Compared to all of the other boxer puppies, she was the most docile. She loves to play though, especially with Moki. He is pretty tolerant of her and they get into some pretty fun playing. Chaska didn't know what a cat was until she moved up here. To say the least she got pretty curious, but Moki got pretty defensive for Toots (wierdy snackshack). They have a funny relationship. Chaska stays outside and hangs around - wherever Moki goes is pretty much where she goes as well. She is a fun girl to have around - she pretty much loves me and loves to play with me.

Me and the girl

The star on her back
Could she have a more kissable face? I think not.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

In Loving Memory.....

Kramer was a fish who was loved...ok I'm not going to get all sentimental on you all, but seriously this post is in behalf of Kramer. My mom and I went out this morning to run some errands and I came home to a dead fish at the bottom of his bowl. He looked as good as new yesterday and this morning, so I don't know what his deal was. :( I even went to Pet Smart to get some Bowl Buddies (water purifiers). I guess that was a waste of money.



Kramer's burial services:

Nothing but an empty bowl:

Monday, August 11, 2008

there's more where that came from...

Want to see more? Go to There is a slideshow that you can check out of my favorite pictures from Nic and I's engagement session with Chris Becerra. If you would like to check out more of his photography, go to (sorry for advertising). Chris has a real talent when it comes to taking photos - this isn't your average joe. Chris will be doing all our wedding photography. :) Tell us what you think about our photos...ENJOY!!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

lesson learned

While in Sunriver, I had a battle with my bike. Here's how the story goes: my parents, Jefferson (brother-in-law), Dani, Nic and I went on a bike ride. As we were rounding the corner to head down the street where our house was, I decided to race Dani (she was in front) and beat everyone home. Right before I hit home ground, I put up my hands and yelled "WINNER!" and ate it hard to the right of our driveway. I ended up twisted and stuck under my bike. I landed in some yummy dirt and brush. Did I win? Of course not! Lesson learned: endure to the end and never celebrate your victory until you are safe on home ground. Let me also just say that these pictures do not give justice to the damage that was done - my mom and other can attest to this.

The bruise that ended up in this area is a lot bigger and is still here! Sunriver was 2 weeks ago.
This hurts a lot worse than it looks - there was dirt embedded in it - bruised the bone - swollen ankle.

I also have multiple other bruises but I won't share any pictures of them - just know that they are present.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sun of the River

This is quite a long post with quite a few pictures, so I apologize in ahead of time. This past week brought the Stewart trip to Sunriver - we always head there in July every year - my dad has meetings down there so we make a family vacation out of it. This year, everyone was able to attend...except Ben (he stayed home studying for the bar). Nic was able to experience Sunriver with my family for the first time - we still love him to pieces and hopefully he still wants to be a part of this family. Here are some of the events:

There were never such devoted the concert on the green
All of the sisters/sisters-in-law at the Munch-N-Music at Drake Park
Munch - n - music at Drake Park in Bend
Rafting down the river with a "couple" of sisters
In the raft with my amazing fiance - love him please
The raft that followed us down the river. Ok they were family.
On our way to the village to get some ice cream - the ice cream of course ;)