Sunday, February 25, 2007

MOUNDS of fun...

let's be honest, last night was so much fun. my friend, doree and i planned a double date. we made our dates dinner, saw the "new" joseph smith movie in idaho falls, and ate dessert at scotty's diner. my date was aaron. what a great guy and so much fun. :) he's 22 from san antonio, texas. he served a spanish speaking mission to phoenix, arizona. we have new testament and business class together. he's a great dresser and a great latin dancer. i learned last night that he lived in portugal for 5 or 6 years when he was younger. doree asked will. they seemed to have had fun with each other. we all had fun together, i'm not going to lie. we'll see what comes about because of all of this...who knows...

Friday, February 23, 2007


(chinese symbol for eternity) diamond rio sings a song called i believe. i found it online tonight and fell in love with it. the piano player of diamond rio is actually lds. believe it or not, because he is. there is a statement in this song: our love can even reach across eternity. i wonder if this statement in this song is referring to eternal marriage. just because he is lds, i wonder if they threw it in. there are quite a few songs that refer to living after death and having love go beyond death. why put it in a song if they don't believe that it exists? why don't people join the church when they hear that marriage and family goes beyond death? why wouldn't people want to join the church knowing of this wonderful blessing? i was just wondering about this. for me personally, this makes all of the waiting worth it...

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

me, myself & i

my life is going well right now. this past weekend i went down to utah and spent time with summer and josh. i had such a great time with them. it was a much needed break, that's for sure. i realized this weekend that i have changed while being at college. at first, i was on shaky grounds about myself. then i was a country freak; all i did was listen to country music, go dancing, and wanted to marry a cowboy. now i don't listen to that genre of music anymore and i don't go dancing anymore. i do go latin dancing sometimes. country dancing doesn't do it for me anymore. i do still enjoy the music, but the dancing doesn't do it for me anymore. i have turned more to rock and alternative. i have also realized that i'm a mixture of my 2 sisters. i like the music they both listen to and the way they both dress. it's kind of weird. i find new things about myself everyday here at school.

i love this school. it really is my perfect fit. i have thought about transferring down to provo, but have decided that this really is the place for me. this school is an inspired and the guidelines are all inspired by the Lord. i have no significant story of why i ended up here. i just decided to come here because my cousin was going here. deciding to attend byu-idaho is one of the best decisions i have ever made. i have grown so much closer to the Lord while being here and i have learned more about myself.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

valentine's day...

this day is known to many single students as "single awareness day." instead of staying home watching sappy love movies and chick flicks, i decided to do something about this valentine's day. although this day has never been my favorite, one of my friends opened my eyes. i personally think it's ridiculous that we set aside ONE day out of the whole year to celebrate our love for "that special someone." my friend, sarah, loves this day. i am starting to warm up to it now. i actually enjoyed myself yesterday. i thought about all of the people who loved me: the Lord, friends, and family. it really hit me to think about the true love my parents have for me. they sent me a valentine on tuesday so it's going to be late. honestly, i don't need anything in the mail, although it is nice ;) i already know how much my parents love me and it overwhelms me. so thank you to my parents for the love they have for me. i love you both so much. i don't know where i would be without the love of my parents.

but, i did do something last night instead of wishing i had a boyfriend. me and my friend, mikan decided to hang out with some boys. :) she and i cooked dinner for 2 of her friends. the dinner turned out better than planned. i thought it only had to cook for 1 hour...nope! it was supposed to cook for 2 1/2 hours! haha we bumped the temp. up and cooked that chicken. it tasted delicious! hehe we ate dinner, played games, had dessert, and went bowling. it was so much fun! it got my mind off of sappy love stories, although that would have been nice. i might as well celebrate being single while i still am!

i hope you all had a wonderful valentine's day! thank you for your love that keeps me smiling everyday. i love you all!

Friday, February 9, 2007

can of green beans...

as many of you know, the night after i got home from christmas break i sliced my finger. i just got the pix of my camera and i wanted to share with you the ugliness of it. i had a fight with a can of green beans and i definitely lost. the pictures will give you an idea. haha although the pictures do not give it justice. it was gnarly and pretty darn deep. not a pretty pix. it's all healed and there's a lovely pink scar and still a little swollen. when my thumb is exposed to the cold, it gets pretty swollen and i can only imagine what it will look like when the warm weather arrives. well enjoy the pix! (sorry about the pix being a little bit blury)

Wednesday, February 7, 2007


today, something was manifested unto me by a simple act of kindness in the lord's heart...i knew this week was going to be hard since the moment it started on monday. i have a critique paper due on friday, resumes to be created, a workshop to go to, english midterm on monday and a myriad of other things to do. ahh!!
prayer has played a huge role in these past couple of weeks. the lord knows exactly what we need at the moment we need it. prayer is where we can pour out our hearts to him about our desires, what we need and what we are sad about or anything. if we just put our faith in him, he will answer our prayers in due time. my prayers were answered today...i went to english class today and my teacher bumped the paper up to monday and the midterm up to wednesday. my business teacher bumped up the resumes until the 26th of this month.
i know this is but a simple act, but it never ceases to amaze me that the lord always listens to what's in our hearts and will always answer in due time.