Tuesday, May 27, 2008

every second counts

Lots of pics for this post = update. First picture is of the new bedding mom got me for my room - a plum color. Love it - it looks great. No big deal but just thought since I'm updating on other areas of my life, might as well throw in the pic. Here goes with the updating - I'm going to try not to get Thursday and Saturday mixed up because I went to Medford both of those days. Yay.

The reason I went to Medford on Thursday was to give him his scriptures only...or something like that. When I got to his house, he had arranged this beautiful bouquet of flowers with my favorite color and flower in them. What a sweetie. We went out to dinner in Ashland to Martino's (Italian place). It was delicious. Back at his house I gave him this bag I had put together for him to help him relax: bag of Reese's Peanut Butter cups, fishing magazine, "Go Fish" card game (he loves to fish haha), a few cd's of Take 6, dvd of Secret Window, 2 liter Mountain Dew, picture frame with a pic of he and I. I think that's all - hope he enjoyed it. It was fun to put together and I hope it actually helps him relax as he is trying to move. We then watched So You Think You Can Dance ( we both enjoy the show) and then started to watch Secret Window but decided instead to take a walk in Bear Creek Park. All in all it was a great night. I left pretty late though (hehe) but it's all worth it. :)

Saturday brought a walk through Bear Creek Park so I could actually see it during the day - beautiful huge park. We then headed over to his parent's house to meet up with some of his sibs and their families. We stayed over there for a few hours and ate dinner. What a great family! Funny story though: Nic and I were outside watching some of his nephews jumping on the trampoline and then one of his nieces came outside. This is what she asked him: Uncle Nic, is this your new wife? haha Kids say the darnedest things! I think Nic was a bit embarrassed but I just laughed about it. Nic of course said no and then she asked him if I was his friend. Yes she is. Is she your special friend? Your girlfriend? Yes she's my girlfriend. It was really funny - a story that won't be forgotten. We left his parent's house and went up to a house he was watching to watch the sunset and watch a movie. Another amazing night and I didn't leave too late. haha

Monday he headed this way to KTown and hung out with my family (rents, Ben and Sharon and their kids). We hung out, ate a delicious dinner, hot tubbing, and movie time. I love the fact that he gets along well with my family and they all get along great with him. :) Everyday spent with him is always wonderful and every second counts.

The new bedding - way cute in person
The bouquet Nic got me - more lilies have opened and still more to come
I heard the reason he was frowning was because I wasn't sitting next to him
Sitting at Bear Creek Park
Walking around the park
The "sunset"
I am a lucky girl :D


natalie said...

how fun! :)

Summer said...

Cute pics Al! Looks like you are enjoying life! I love it! I can't wait to meet Nic!

Where did you get your bedding? I love it!

Caroline said...

It looks and sounds like Nic is a great guy. Any guy that gets a girl beautiful flowers is doing something right. I'm glad you are happy. Hey, I had to change my blog because I got a new email account. If you are interested here is the new site www.scjwearemarshall.blogspot.com

Sharon said...

It has been fun being here being able to witness all of this excitement first hand! Alli is definitely a happy girl!

Shauna said...

Way cute pics! I am excited/happy for you!! Keep us all posted! xoxo

Kelda sometimes called Helga said...

love the pics, you two look so cute together!

Dani said...

YAY for good times! Glad things are going SO well! And I love the bedding too. Purple- how fitting. :) Keep me posted!