Monday, December 4, 2006

great faith

faith is having confidence in someone or something. faith must be cultured and sought after until it grows into a great tree. a lack of faith leads one to despair. "great faith i would have to say is to have that conviction, without doubt that something is true (evan woody)." the Lord knows the plans for each of us. he has plans to prosper us; to give us hope and a future. have that conviction that god has a plan for you. "great faith is doing small things and trusting in god (sam stewart)."
"faith is literally the power by which God himself operates in earthly and heavenly affairs. miracles are the fruits of faith; faith precedes the miracle. behind each miracle is divine power, and that power is faith (ardeth greene kapp)."
i am not going to lie when i say that i struggle having faith and hope in myself and in the Lord. such a simple and profound principle, but so hard to do when faced with different situations. it's faith that moves mountains; it's faith that moves the barriers in our lives that's holding us back. it's faith in the Lord that gives us peace and comfort.


Sam said...

Faith moves mountains, right? But how.........A man moves a mountain by first carrying away small stones...That would be "faith with works" as well as "by small and simple things". There's my tid-bit for the day

Summer said...

Faith is truly what gets us through our day to day lives. Take it coming from someone who's explored everywhere that there is off the beaten path. :) It's faith that brought me back!

Fun blog Al.

Love you!