Wednesday, January 31, 2007


sometimes i feel that good just isn't good enough. what i do in my life just isn't good enough. so if what i'm doing isn't good enough for family or friends, will my actions ever be good enough for my future spouse? that opens up a whole other can of worms, so i won't even get into that...will i ever be good enough for someone to marry me? if i am trying to do what i know is best, wouldn't that be compensated for in other areas of my life? if what i'm doing now isn't pleasing anyone, how will i ever know what to do next? i don't know if there's any specific answer to any of these questions, but i just want to throw out that idea: maybe good just is not good enough for anyone. is it possible to please anyone? is it ever possible to be good enough for yourself?...


Summer said...

Someone once said, "You can't please everybody all the time." This is true! Alli, I'm not sure what is going on, but I hope that you don't think that we, as your family, don't think you are doing good enough. I am so impressed all the time with how hard you work at school, and what a spiritual, loving person you are. I actually even told my teacher friend just this morning that I hope my daughters end up more like you than me! You ARE good enough for your future spouse, and when you find that man, he will love you - faults, quirks, traits, and all! That's what marriage is. You learn and grow together, and love each other every step of the way.

You're an incredible woman, Alli. Don't sell yourself short. I think you're amazing!

Love you!

Sam said...

Don't worry about all that. Don't be hard on yoruself either. I know what you feel like and it all works out. Look at me, I'm getting married. Someone was crazy enough to want to be with me, who would've thought? :) So there is someone out there for you and what your doing is your best and that's all that matters. If others don't see it, God does and his is the only opinion that matters. Do what He asks and you'll be fine. I love you AL!!