Wednesday, February 7, 2007


today, something was manifested unto me by a simple act of kindness in the lord's heart...i knew this week was going to be hard since the moment it started on monday. i have a critique paper due on friday, resumes to be created, a workshop to go to, english midterm on monday and a myriad of other things to do. ahh!!
prayer has played a huge role in these past couple of weeks. the lord knows exactly what we need at the moment we need it. prayer is where we can pour out our hearts to him about our desires, what we need and what we are sad about or anything. if we just put our faith in him, he will answer our prayers in due time. my prayers were answered today...i went to english class today and my teacher bumped the paper up to monday and the midterm up to wednesday. my business teacher bumped up the resumes until the 26th of this month.
i know this is but a simple act, but it never ceases to amaze me that the lord always listens to what's in our hearts and will always answer in due time.


Summer said...

It really is amazing how the Lord works. With a little bit of prayer and faith, He will turn everything around for you! It's wonderful!

See you next weekend! Woo hoo!