Friday, March 30, 2007

happenings of alli

a certain someone, whose name will not be mentioned (cough cough), has been wanting me to post something new. i honestly don't have anything new to report, but i'm not going to lie when i say that i'm not ready to be done with school and to be out of here...because i am! i love this school and i love this town, i'm just ready to be home. i honestly don't think i could be here year round. i would go insane! too many hormones running around.
good news is is that time is running out for me to leave for europe. i leave april 26. i still can not believe that i'm going. i have always dreamt of going and now i get to live that dream. it's not a dream anymore, but a reality. i'm feeling a little bit of pressure concerning classes and packing and what not. i can't complain too much because...I AM GOING TO EUROPE!!! ahh!
last day of classes is on monday and then finals begin wednesday. yay!...not. i can't believe that i will be a junior in a week. i'm halfway through college. i always knew time would go by fast, but still! i said that after my freshman year and i'm saying it again. you don't know much time flies by until you're living it. it applies to all areas of life. good news with school is that i'm moving towards majoring in child development. i am sick of getting rude looks from people when i say i don't know what i'm majoring in and i'm in my second year. it's a hard decision and it's been one of the toughest decisions i have had to make.
well that's all from the happenings of alli...are you happy?


mommio said...

Thank you - FINALLY!!!!!