Saturday, March 3, 2007

pursue helping...

i took this aptitude test and the results were what i should pursue, experience, and avoid. it also gave me a list of careers i should look into. overall the results were that i should pursue helping.

  • develop public speaking

  • explore counseling

  • pursue child development

  • develop medical practices

  • experience athletics/physical fitness

  • pursue child care worker, guidance counselor, religious leader

  • develop teacher K-12

  • pursue social worker

  • develop nurse

so according to these results, what do you think? which do you think accentuates my strengths and abilities? i need your thoughts...


Sam said...

Honestly, Al, you'd be good at any of those. I think you would do great at public speaking, but you have also had that love for childcare so I could see you doing that as well. Or maybe you should be a do like that sort of big nasty....

Summer said...

Oh many options. I've always said that you'd make a great teacher! I may be a little biased, but I do truly believe that. I've always been impressed with your speaking skills as well, so maybe that's a good route for you as well. I don't know! You'd be great at everything!