Monday, October 1, 2007


can i just tell you how excited i am for this upcoming weekend? DANG EXCITED! i am so excited to hear from inspired, god fearing men. in my teachings of the living prophets, i have gained a greater love and appreciation for the prophets and apostles and also a greater testimony of them. they are amazing and i can't wait to hear what they have to say to us. who do you think they will put in as a counselor? i could see elder eyring being called - or anyone for that matter. not only am i excited for conference, but i'm also excited to see francie pants! :) francie pants, 2 of his buddies and i are going to the saturday afternoon and sunday morning sessions. just to set the record straight, he invited me and i just happened to have the hook ups with tickets - thank you so much dad! there are 2 left for each day - any takers? re-try weekend with francie pants. put your flirt on alli! done.


Shauna said...

umm yes, def time to put your flirt on. you know my motto...pursue. yay.

Dani said...

You had best keep your sister in the loop! Keep me posted!