Sunday, December 2, 2007

tag! you're it!

I have gotten a few complaints (cough Natalie and Dani cough cough) about not updating my blog, but who's naming any names. giggle. In the midst of me updating my blog, I have been tagged by Shauna (I think Dani you might have tagged me awhile ago) to share 6 interesting things. So, I have discussed with Shauna and Lauren 6 "quirks" of mine that are quite strange.

1. I have this strange eating habit: I eat around the edges of sandwiches or hamburgers or french toast or anything with edges. I never knew where I got this strange eating habit until I went home for Turkey Day break and I inherited it from my mother. I have no idea why I do this - save the inside for last. Who knows? Not me!
2. I have a neurosis with odd numbers. I seriously am obsessed with them. To give you a hint of this neurosis: I always have to set my alarm on an odd number (5:55; 5:57; etc...). I always count how many sips I take (5; 7; 9; etc...) - always an odd number! I can not give you an idea about where this obsession with odd numbers came from, but to say the least I don't really like even numbers. giggle.
3. Whenever I'm eating or even drinking I hold up my right pinky finger, not my left though. Am I from England? No. I remember! When I went to England this past summer, I drank tea and you have to hold up your pinky. NOT! haha
4. I heard this story this semester of this man who had a tumor on his pituitary gland and drank so much water it was ridiculous. We all know that I had a tumor removed from my pituitary gland a few years back, so I'm wondering if that's where my obsession with water came. Example: the other day I drank around 115 ounces of water. They call me a camel around here...
5. My dad asked me if I wanted a new pair of pants and I really should replace this one pair of jeans. They have holes in a kind of awkward place (I won't name where) and they aren't the smallest of holes either - they are my favorite pair of jeans and I can not give them up. Mom, you know how I feel - back me up!
6. Last but certainly not least...Every night I wear ear plugs, sometimes with an eye mask. I seriously have a hard time falling asleep with any noise. This could potentially be a huge problem in the future.

You probably all think I am the weirdest person - it's true! As I was writing these, I have some weird quirks about me. giggle. As far as an update of my life goes - School is winding down. 9 finals coming up - woo hoo! I get to choreograph a dance for my tap class with a few other girls - Christmas music for sure. yay. Other then that, homework is my life. My mom pointed out something to me though - all of the homework I do is all part of my patterns of preparation for life. What are your patterns of preparation?


Summer said...

Alli! We share some odd quirks. I, too, eat around the edges of my sandwich. I did it today in fact. I also hold up my pinky. Josh has pointed this out to me because apparently I do all sorts of weird things with my hands/fingers. (We all know about the ruffling...)

Glad to be in such good company with my quirks!

Good luck with your finals. You will do awesome!

Love you Al!

suzanne said...

Keep up the quirkyness! It makes you who you are! and I love that!!!!

Ben said...

What a weird-o! We all have our little things, yours are just a little odder than most, but we still love ya! I sympathize with your finals grief.

Dani said...

You are a weirdo! Ok, so is the rest of our family. :) I love odd numbers, but not to the point that I count everything. I want an odd number of kids, 3, 5, or 7. (3's not enough, 7's too many, 5 it is!) I am jealous about you coreographing a number! I'll have to bring my tap shoes home for Christmas and you can teach it to me!

Dyan said...

wake up call before 6:00 (or should I say 5:59!)...hmm, you and shauna must not share an alarm clock! loved reading about your quirks!

Nikki said...

One of the first things Sam and I found we had in common was that we eat around the edge of sandwiches and other stuff before eating the middle. Apparently it isn't that weird...and I'm pretty sure I hold up my pinky as well.

You should update more often. I like reading it.

Dani said...

I am tagging you with the Chritmas tag, so you had better post another tag next!(check out my blog) Good luck on finals! Love ya!