Tuesday, February 12, 2008

mission accomplished

I made it through the whole entire night - class was at 8 am. I am so proud of myself - woo hoo! Sad accomplishment, but surprisingly enough it wasn't that hard to stay awake. I didn't feel all that tired during the night - I kept myself busy doing homework. All in all it was a very productive night with Lauren by my side. haha Funny thing - every hour we took a picture and encorporated that number in the picture. I will have to post them and let you have a lookie-loo at my night. haha Classes went well - I struggled at the beginning of my first class, but then ended up fine. I didn't fall asleep while taking my tests. Aren't your proud? I am pretty sure I am past the point of exhaustion though - I might have to take an hour nap after devo.


Shauna said...

you are crazzzy!

natalie said...

i think i've stayed up all night before! but i don't remember when. i was probably too delirious to remember! haha

suzanne said...

Well mission accomplished..........you make your mom proud!