Tuesday, February 19, 2008

v day to utah

The ones of Shauna and I are from when we heart attacked our FHE brothers around 12:30 am Valentine's morning. They still haven't confronted us about it and the hearts are still up to this day! Yeah buddy - we made 64 hearts. I kind of want to go over there and get a picture of them without them knowing. hehe Heart day, Lauren and I were to meet up with our FHE brothers to see The Jumper (excellent movie), but it ended up just being she and I. Confusion - Stuart did apologize quite a few times and still is. haha Ask me out on a date and we can see it together - hello?! haha The next 5 are from when I went down to Utah this past weekend. It was a much needed break. Thank you Sam, Nikki, Sumo and Josh. Loves to all!
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natalie said...

fun fun!!! :)

Nikki said...

Haha love the crossed eyes. Maybe you rubbed off on me and that's why I can't cross my eyes anymore. :)

Summer said...

It was great to see you Al. Sorry I was sooooo sick!


Kellie said...

love you please.
i love how i am one the one who pulls the all-nighters now haha!
you have inspired me...gigg.