Thursday, March 20, 2008

what's in a name...

I kind of got a little bored tonight and I was looking at baby names online - no I do not have any news to share with you. If you didn't notice already, but I do have a list of baby names on my blog, so those of you who are married and have the capability of becoming pregnant - don't go stealing my names. haha In the midst of me looking up names, I decided to look up the meanings of everybody's name...

Paul (French origin): little
Suzanne: lily
Summer: born in the summer
Joshua: Jehovah is generous, Jehovah saves
Benjamin: son of my right hand
Sharon: from the land of Sharon (in the holy land)
Danielle: feminine form of Daniel meaning God is my judge
Jefferson: son of Geoffrey; used as a surname
Samuel: name of God; asked of God; heard by God
Nikki (Japanese origin): two trees
Allison: honest; variant of Alice meaning nobility
Carter: cart driver; cart maker
Grayson: son of the reeve or gray - haired
Andi: diminutive of Andrew: brave, manly
Calvin: bald (which he is definitely not)
In honor of baby Andrus, Andrus means: man, warrior

Do you agree? Disagree? What do you think of your name? Do names have an impact on our lives? If someone has a better meaning, does it mean they will be more successful in life? And vise versa?


Dani said...

hehe. Carter has a lot to aspire to... a cart driver?! That's hilarious. And Andi will have her work cut out for her if her name means manly. Maybe we can just add a "wo" in there to make her "womanly."

Summer said...

Well, I definitely wasn't born in the summer, although I'm sure a lot of people assume that!

Maybe baby Andrus is a boy! First I have a dream that it's a boy, and now you're telling me Andrus means man and warrior! I guess we can always add a 'wo' in there, like Dani said, if we need to! :)

And I definitely agree that you are honest and noble! Very good words to describe you!

suzanne said...

I think my name stinks! A lily.......give me a break.......although lilies are my favorite flower.........and poor poor dad............

Nikki said...

A lily is better than 2 trees. :)