Thursday, February 15, 2007

valentine's day...

this day is known to many single students as "single awareness day." instead of staying home watching sappy love movies and chick flicks, i decided to do something about this valentine's day. although this day has never been my favorite, one of my friends opened my eyes. i personally think it's ridiculous that we set aside ONE day out of the whole year to celebrate our love for "that special someone." my friend, sarah, loves this day. i am starting to warm up to it now. i actually enjoyed myself yesterday. i thought about all of the people who loved me: the Lord, friends, and family. it really hit me to think about the true love my parents have for me. they sent me a valentine on tuesday so it's going to be late. honestly, i don't need anything in the mail, although it is nice ;) i already know how much my parents love me and it overwhelms me. so thank you to my parents for the love they have for me. i love you both so much. i don't know where i would be without the love of my parents.

but, i did do something last night instead of wishing i had a boyfriend. me and my friend, mikan decided to hang out with some boys. :) she and i cooked dinner for 2 of her friends. the dinner turned out better than planned. i thought it only had to cook for 1 hour...nope! it was supposed to cook for 2 1/2 hours! haha we bumped the temp. up and cooked that chicken. it tasted delicious! hehe we ate dinner, played games, had dessert, and went bowling. it was so much fun! it got my mind off of sappy love stories, although that would have been nice. i might as well celebrate being single while i still am!

i hope you all had a wonderful valentine's day! thank you for your love that keeps me smiling everyday. i love you all!


Suzanne said...

YOu know how I feel about V-Day! If it's the only day that you have to show 'love'by giving flowers and the likes, then shame on the whole thing! And it's about all kinds of love! Glad you finally get it! Thanks for your kind words..... Love you kiddo......mommio