Tuesday, February 20, 2007

me, myself & i

my life is going well right now. this past weekend i went down to utah and spent time with summer and josh. i had such a great time with them. it was a much needed break, that's for sure. i realized this weekend that i have changed while being at college. at first, i was on shaky grounds about myself. then i was a country freak; all i did was listen to country music, go dancing, and wanted to marry a cowboy. now i don't listen to that genre of music anymore and i don't go dancing anymore. i do go latin dancing sometimes. country dancing doesn't do it for me anymore. i do still enjoy the music, but the dancing doesn't do it for me anymore. i have turned more to rock and alternative. i have also realized that i'm a mixture of my 2 sisters. i like the music they both listen to and the way they both dress. it's kind of weird. i find new things about myself everyday here at school.

i love this school. it really is my perfect fit. i have thought about transferring down to provo, but have decided that this really is the place for me. this school is an inspired and the guidelines are all inspired by the Lord. i have no significant story of why i ended up here. i just decided to come here because my cousin was going here. deciding to attend byu-idaho is one of the best decisions i have ever made. i have grown so much closer to the Lord while being here and i have learned more about myself.


Summer said...

Are you sure you weren't just completely bored with us? We're just boring old married people now. :) But we always love to have you come visit!

It's fun to learn more about yourself and really come into who you are. I think it's an evolving process - I'm still finding out new things!

Love you!

alli said...

are you kidding me? i loved being with you two and i always love visiting you (especially when you set me up hehe).