Monday, January 21, 2008

my hair

Here are some pictures of my new hair - now it's brown/red though. I got it cut a little less than a week ago: more severe a line and bangs. Yay. I love it though - no hair on my neck. Shauna and I agree that it feels good not feeling hair on your neck. I am a true Stewart. In other news...I hung out with Jameson last night. He is the guy I hung out with for like a week before I left on the Europe tour. We just hung out and talked at my apt. It was goot to see him and catch up. He's really cute. hehe He is calling me today - maybe tonight? haha Who knows...Yes! I'm doing good - two updates in the last couple of days. Go me!


Dani said...

Cute due sis! I am feeling inspired! Maybe I need a new cut. :) It is really cute and I love the new color. (not in these pics of course, but on the next post up) You are a true Stewart woman.

Summer said...

Your hair is adorable! I may have to copy you next time I get my hair done!

Us Stewart women rock.

Nikki said...

Way cute, Alli.