Monday, March 31, 2008

mixed emotions...more excited than anything

I have a question: which one do you like better?

Saturday, March 22, 2008

pesky little stains...

Please copy this link and watch this commercial. I think it's hilarious! I could watch it over and over - it reminds me of the part in Bruce Almighty with Jim Carey and Steve Carell. You'll know what I'm talking about once you watch it...

Thursday, March 20, 2008

what's in a name...

I kind of got a little bored tonight and I was looking at baby names online - no I do not have any news to share with you. If you didn't notice already, but I do have a list of baby names on my blog, so those of you who are married and have the capability of becoming pregnant - don't go stealing my names. haha In the midst of me looking up names, I decided to look up the meanings of everybody's name...

Paul (French origin): little
Suzanne: lily
Summer: born in the summer
Joshua: Jehovah is generous, Jehovah saves
Benjamin: son of my right hand
Sharon: from the land of Sharon (in the holy land)
Danielle: feminine form of Daniel meaning God is my judge
Jefferson: son of Geoffrey; used as a surname
Samuel: name of God; asked of God; heard by God
Nikki (Japanese origin): two trees
Allison: honest; variant of Alice meaning nobility
Carter: cart driver; cart maker
Grayson: son of the reeve or gray - haired
Andi: diminutive of Andrew: brave, manly
Calvin: bald (which he is definitely not)
In honor of baby Andrus, Andrus means: man, warrior

Do you agree? Disagree? What do you think of your name? Do names have an impact on our lives? If someone has a better meaning, does it mean they will be more successful in life? And vise versa?

Saturday, March 15, 2008

looking to the future...

This past week has been one that has been full of planning for the future (so sorry if this post is long) - I just want to give all of you an idea of what I have been dealing/planning this past week...

First off I went and saw my counselor who really helped me out concerning this summer. I was confused about what I was going to do this summer - home or Idaho? I had been praying about what I was to do - I went to the Lord with my decision and had felt that I hadn't received an answer. I talked with my counselor and he gave me some great advice that was an answer to my prayers. He said that there is nothing wrong with going home during your off semester and letting what you've learned soak in; you are looking at it from a professional perspective (he said it much better than I've written it) - that is exactly what I needed to hear. I then talked with him about when I will be doing my internships and how that will fit in with my schedule and applying for graduate school. All this talking got me excited about internships and grad school...

Because I have decided to go home this Summer, I have decided to make a stop in Utah to visit with Aziele. My adviser recommended me to check out this center in Idaho Falls - they work with children who have developmental disabilities. Mom informed me that Aziele used to do this, so she and I are meeting when I get out of school so I can talk with her more about her job and previous jobs. It seems that almost all of the internships that I'm interested in deal with children - could this be my niche in life? Hmm....

I have been looking at grad schools (hence the poll) and am getting really excited about it all. Think: I will be graduating when I'm 21 (Summer 2009) - so young! Then it's off it graduate school who knows where. It's intimidating to think about me going to graduate school, but exhilarating all at the same time.

This past week has been a reality check for me - I have a little over a year until I graduate! Ahh! Scary, but so exciting. Mom and I are thinking about doing a road trip this Summer to some differing graduate schools, so yay! I have looked at my future in the face and here I come...

Friday, March 7, 2008

blind as a bat...for tonight

Cousins united for the blind date

Cute - that's all I have to say

Wait - cousins united again? Oh yes!

Who wouldn't date us? Seriously.

Awaiting the arrival of our dates

Tonight my apt. did a huge group blind date. Shauna and Kellie were the matchmakers for Lauren, Sydney (in our
ward) and me. They set us and each other up. I was set up with Justin Ryan Pitcher from Idaho Falls. All throughout
the week, Kellie would text him about this date and he asked a few questions about me - he didn't want Kellie to
spoil it so he could ask me questions tonight.

We had each couple make their own pizzas, eat, and then everyone else went to a building on campus to play Sardines - Justin and I stayed behind because he had to leave early (temple session in the morning - love it). We hung out at my apt. listening to music, playing games, and eating ice cream. You could say I have an MC on him now - yay. He's so nice and funny - talked the whole night away. Shauna said he was looking for someone mature and was sick of the young girls here - do you remember our convo mother about me marrying someone older and more mature? Here you go! haha We'll see...I don't exactly know his age, but I think he's about 24. He went on a mission to Brazil - Belehorizante (something to that effect). He's really into history and traveling - majoring in communications with an emphasis in advertising. He's tall, dirty blond hair, glasses, and cute. Yay. All in all I had a really fun time with him and hope he did too. He said , "In all honesty I had a great time. We'll have to do this again." Not reading into this, but really, I want to go out with him again. Yay for blind dates.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

green shirts and giggling

Alli has a new MC (mini crush)! hehe I was going to put boys on the back burner for now, because I think I kind of intimidate them...yeah about that - that all changed when I met this boy named Preston. Lauren knows him already because she dated his cousin, Dustin, her freshman year. I actually met Preston at Winger's - I was with some other people. We got to talking and he went on splits with Sam on their missions. haha I guarantee he has seen a picture of me because you know how Sam was so anxious to put his family out on the line. haha Love it.
He and Dustin came over for dinner on Sunday and we had a blast. He is so funny - he says giggle and awkward like I do. hehe They are hilarious! They invited us over to Dustin's bday party for tonight and so Lauren and I took advantage of the opportunity. We had so much fun - lots of laughing playing cards. I didn't get the best chance to hang out with Preston, but we talked and what not. You could say he is the epitome of good looking - no he's hot! haha Tall, brown hair, blue eyes, great laugh, and a killer smile. What more could a girl ask for?
You are probably wondering about the "green shirts and giggling." Well, we all know that I get giggly when I talk about a boy I like or get around a cute boy, so that's the giggling part. The green shirt came into play tonight - I was wearing one of Kellie's green shirts to the party tonight, and lo and behold Preston was also wearing a green shirt. Wait - we matched! haha Very similar greens as well. Out of all the girls that were there, I was the only one wearing a green shirt. Not a big deal, I know, but I thought it was funny. :) Sam, put in a good word for your sister. hehe

Saturday, March 1, 2008

i love to serve the Lord

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