Monday, November 24, 2008

O Say Can You See and a surprise package...

What an event filled weekend I recap.....Tabatha and I got ready on Friday night to head to the OIT boy's basketball game. Go team! We won! Might I say that we looked especially fine.

Full body shot of 2 fine looking owls


And a close-up

Saturday was spent cleaning and just trying to pick up my room and bathroom. Confession: I did laundry, cleaned bathroom and room, and vacuumed all in my wedding shoes. haha I was trying to break them in. My mom and I were planning on heading out around 2:30 to run some errands...or so I thought. I changed plans and decided to head to Tab's house to help make t-shirts for the other boy's bball game that night. Around 2:30, I told my rents that I was going to leave. They were like "No, Alli. Give us 15 minutes to talk about some Christmas things and then we need to talk to you as well." Why? I asked myself. Just let me go. They get done talking and then my dad asks me to go help him with some Christmas ideas for Nic. I help him and I'm thinking just let me leave, honestly. haha Boy am I glad that I didn't leave. I heard a familiar noise of crutches clicking towards the door to the computer room and lo and behold, Nic is standing there. Yay! He decided to surprise me to hear me sing the national anthem (yeah that's right) and at branch conference. He also surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. What a sweetheart!
We headed to dinner and then to the game. Sadly, he left around 5:45. (Sorry Nic for making you late to rehearsal!) What a wonderful surprise package I got.
The National Anthem...I was asked to sing it by Bert King. I have always wanted to sing it at a basketball game, but never had the courage to ask anyone if I could. It's even on my bucket list. It went really well and I got lots of compliments on it. Saturday night's game was packed! It was a huge game for OIT to play - a division 1 team that were the 2008 national champs for that division. OIT were the 2008 national champs for division 2. I was a little skeptical, but we won by 13 points! It was an intense game to watch and so muc fun! HOOT!!! PS I will post the video of me singing in the next post because A it's taking forever and B I have to go to class.

The beautiful bouquet my loving fiance gave me

We bust ours...

To KICK yours (names and jersey numbers of the team)

Me and my man - isn't he amazing!?