Monday, November 24, 2008

Bridal of the Shower

In behalf of the future Mrs. Phair...

The photographers

Cherise, Michelle, and Rita (a few of the Phair women)

Grandma Phair

The amazing woman who put on the bridal shower (aka my mom) - who is that handsome man in the background? Oh yeah! That's my fiance!

Me opening a few presents from the video "game"

Sorry I haven't posted about the amazing bridal shower my mom put on for me on November 1 (I know I'm a little late in posting, so sorry). I had so much fun. I still can't believe that the bridal shower was in behalf of me. It was a brunch and there were people from church, few friends, and some of Nic's family there as well. We ate some delicious food, opened presents and a video my mom put together (without me knowing). My mom would ask Nic a question and then would video tape his response. During the bridal shower, my mom would ask me that same question and then I would have to give the response that Nic would have said. For every one that I got right, I got a prize. :) She also mentioned that I if I didn't get any right, we couldn't get married...good thing I got them right. ;) A few of his answers were debatable, but for the most part, I got them right. It was a fun filled day. Thank you for all of your hard work that you put into making this an amazing bridal shower. Love you, please.


suzanne said...

love you back

Miss K said...

my pic is crazy!!!!lol. you shouldn't post that crossed eyed owl on the internet!!! love you!

Hamlin said...

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